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Welcome to Paradise! Make yourself at home.

Sophie Gravier

A Persian proverb says: "Paradise lies beneath the feet of the mother." And who is the most universal mother, if not the Earth? The Earth that nourrishes us, that comforts us when we grieve, and that we treat so badly.

Today is an occasion to say thank you to the Earth, and to recognise ourselves as her children. To talk to her, we chose music. First, because it is a universal language, and probably the most intimate, through which we might recover the mystery of our origins.

But music is also a natural way to give back to the Earth what she gave to us: Our instruments are made of your forests, and the manes of your horses. You nourished our voices with your fruits and your honey. This is how we made fruitful your gifts, this is what we created with the love you gave.

Listen to the percussion beating like a heart, the violin singing like a stream, the flute sighing like the wind in the mountain. Here is the sound of men who crossed that region, who loved and suffered. And here are some of the most famous voices: Maurice Ravel, Bela Bartok, Philip Glass. They thought themselves to be Gods, free, and created other beauties to complete those that you have given to us.

They are your sons, they are our brothers, they are birds of Paradise.