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Music as a way to "be" in the world.

Sophie Gravier

Laure Stelhin became a flute player as a result of a revelation she got from listening a flute partita from Bach when she was still a child. "If it was a violin partita, I would have learned violin." She studied in Strasbourg before deciding to dedicate herself to the baroque style and to meet Bartold Kuijken in Bruxels.

In 2010, she fell seriously ill. "I realised I could not stand treble sounds anymore." She started playing drums to root herself in deep bass sounds. Then she became interested in finding personal balance through sounds. Her illness made her realise she had to step back from competitiveness, she learnt from an American lady specialised in traditional shamanic songs. Then she met Robin. 

Robin Scott Fleming is a self-taught musician. "As a child, I was trying to imitate any sound I could hear." His grand-mother saw in him this sensibility for music like many of his family members, but he wanted to stay free from the ivory tower. "I learnt how to play guitar by myself. Then percussion. I needed rythm, at all time." His first crush was Ravel’s Boléro.

He started playing in a rock band, switching from one instrument to another, then he traveled to India where I finally met is vocation: "I came back home with a sitar and the confidence that music was a spiritual experience more than anything else." He became an improviser, creating sounds, when he met Laure.

They decided to tell stories with sounds. Convinced that the vibrations, and the search for textures and colours create miracles in the body and mind.

"We are performing holistic concerts. The audience lies around us in a circle like sun rays and we play in the middle. We are intuitively improvising to keep with the natural elements: water, fire, earth, air, and the mind, the fifth element that binds everything together."

They are using their voices and their instruments: baroque wooden flute for Laure, any kind of percussion for Robin. "Tibetan cristal bowls create a unique atmosphere. The combination of the flute with the shruti-box is extraordinary. The Aboriginal didjeridoo has stunning effects on autistic people." They also use their creative talents with shells, rocks and seeds… After the performance, the public gives feedback on their emotions and describes what they felt.

They recorded an album called Elements which illustrates their work as sound architects, vibration-painters. "There is nothing religious or intellectual in our approach. We are working a lot on it, but success lies when we feel transported without being able to explain why."

Laure expresses her eargerness and passion while Robin seems calmer. She is Aeries (Fire), he is Pisces (Water), the first and last zodiac signs, which might explain their complementarity. As a matter of fact, these two signs are also the most important in Jean-Sebastien Bach’s birth chart.

What is the ultimate goal of their sound experience for the public? Laure is thinking. "Joy… in the sense of joy of living", she says. "To get closer to the source by connecting with the world", adds Robin.

Father Bach would not have disapproved of this music philosophy, since his God was far from being moralistic or sectarian.