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Pauline Dufour


@Monochrome Factory.

@Monochrome Factory.

She embodies immersive performance art in the truest sense as audienc-es are as captivated by watching artist Pauline Dufour in creative flow as by the work that results.

In Dufour’s VR Tiltbrush performances she uses a virtual reality headset and controls and by moving transposing her imagined 3D vision onto screens remotely using Google's VR paint tool. She explains it is about reconnecting the eye and thought, and by that, perhaps also freeing the artist up from obsessing too much about the techniques and materials involved in physically putting pen to paper, a process that can subsume the original artistic urge.

Dufour says she ponders questions around perception, time, space and the boundary between fiction and reality, and uses visually powerful forms and lines to carry emotion and conceptual thought. Participating at pause in collaboration with another artist renowned for the physicality and emotional depth of her performances, the cellist Ca-mille Thomas, Dufour's VR Tiltbrush performances promise to be a unique and fascinating events.

She will be appearing at pause between August 16-18.

More information on Pauline Dufour can be found at her website.