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17-23 August

"Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction."

- E.O.Wilson


Details for the 10 days of workshops and concerts

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See who joined us for the second edition of Pause.

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THE IDEA: Artist Andy Goldsworthy says to be disconnected from nature is to be disconnected from ourselves; these days, most of us are. The gulf between us people and the natural world our happiness and very existence depends on has never been so great. We lead fast-paced, urban lives, and few of us can remember the last time we stood barefoot in the grass. That's not good for our mental health and spiritual well-being; and it's not good for the natural resources we're busy wasting, either.

Which is why we invited everyone to pause - specifically to our first pause festival which was held this in August at La Donaira, farm, and smart design retreat on the border between the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz in the mountains of Andalucia, an inspirational hub for all-round better living. 

The idea of pause was to focus on the big things that really matter while relaxing, reconnecting, and recharging our natural batteries. Over the course of five nights we hosted a series of musical concerts and improvised music sessions featuring musicians from around the world, surrounded by nature on an open-air stage.

Music, perhaps the highest form of artistic expression, is also the most basic, transporting us beyond intellectual thought for a glimpse of the universal all around us. Bringing performance out of the concert hall and into the open air created moving and magical experiences as much for the sell-out audiences, as our extraordinary artists.